Angels and Bridges: Extra Photos 4

These photos were taken at Gibside in Northumberland a few weeks ago. Gibside is owned by the National Trust and is one of my favourite places to visit. As you can see, when the weather is right you can see for miles. The walks are filled with beautiful sights and lush trees. It's a great... Continue Reading →

Angels and Bridges: Time

This piece is inspired by Gibside in Northumberland. I hope you enjoy reading. In the autumn the sky was pushed out by red leaves, thick and heavy, weighed down by the Northumberland rain. In his wellies and coat he liked the nip of the wind from the high trail where you could step to the... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction: Drafts 1

At the moment I am slowly working on my dissertation for my Creative Writing MA. I am playing around with different images and have ended up with quite a few pieces of writing that I am proud of but that won't end up in my final dissertation. I thought it would be nice to share... Continue Reading →

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