Books I Couldn’t Finish!

Hi guys, I'm really sorry that I didn't get a book club video up on Friday. The past few weeks has been manic with extra shifts at work, assignment deadlines and so much going on! This Friday I will discuss The Tobacconist and next week I will discuss The Girl of Ink and Stars, saving... Continue Reading →

HarperCollins Readers Room

I was scrolling through Facebook recently when an advert for the HarperCollins Readers Room came up. It's a space to give feedback on book ideas and covers, to discuss your favourite books and take part in different activities and polls. I thought it would be something a lot of you would be interested in so... Continue Reading →

The Writing Workshop

Over the years I have been lucky enough to attend A LOT of writing workshops. As part of my MA and as part of the writing squad, as well as other one off events. Workshops vary massively depending on who is running them, who they are aimed at and their theme. Some are aimed at... Continue Reading →

The Rewrite – Tips and Tricks

Last year was the first time ever that I actually completed nanowrimo. I wrote over 50,000 words in a month after three previous attempts. Every day I allocated three hours to write at least 1250 words and I actually managed it. I was lucky in that I had an idea already. In the workshops for... Continue Reading →

Writers Block and Down Days

Over the past few weeks its not that I have had writers block exactly, it's more that my attention cannot hold on to one idea for too long. I've got a series of short vignettes, but am yet to write those final two chapters and edit (rewrite) my novel. I am reading a lot at... Continue Reading →


So it's been a while! A couple of months in fact. I've started a new job at Warehouse, I'm enjoying the new challenge working with clothes instead of jewellery. I've also completed another term in my MA and handed in those pesky assignments. Finally, I can take a breath before the new term begins! I'm going... Continue Reading →

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