Angels and Bridges: Extra Photos, 3

These photos were taken on 06/04/2017 at about 8:15. They show the lovely dusk light and one of my favourite parts of Newcastle, the Cathedral and Castle Keep, between which sits a night club and restaurants. This part of the city really shows the old and the new layered together. I hope you like my... Continue Reading →

Angels and Bridges: Dusk

The city is never deserted. There are always cars coming or going, people weaving their way down cobblestones towards the Quayside or battling, heads down, to make it to the heart of the city. It is a relief to come out into the fresh air and find the city isn't cloaked in darkness as it... Continue Reading →

All of these photos were taken this week at Herrington Country Park, Penshaw. It's one of my favourite places to walk, no matter the season. It is a beautiful place and one of the largest country parks in Sunderland. With its multiple monuments to local mining history, it's a great place to see the areas... Continue Reading →

Angels and Bridges: Secluded

She was walking unthinkingly, feet enclosed in thick boots that trampled the earth without flinching at the rubble and twigs underfoot. Head bowed she breathed in the thick air. Any moment the rain would trickle down her skin, along her bare arms and beneath her tshirt, between her shoulder blades. It was too cold for... Continue Reading →

Angels and Bridges

As part of my MA we were asked to think about the ways we might look at our writing. We talked about collaboration and combining different types of work. From that I had the idea of travelling around the North East, taking photos and writing in response to the place I had been. This way... Continue Reading →

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