Planning a Novel

For a long time I didn't plan my writing. You could say that I am a reformed planner. After failing to complete my last MS, despite loving my characters, I realised that what had stopped me was not knowing where my story was going to end. In a recent discussion with my writing mentor, Jenn,... Continue Reading →


Strange wordings, pretty images and quirky characters: How to hook a reader from the first line…

In my previous post I made a list of my favourite opening lines and paragraphs to novels. While I have said in the past that starting a novel is the easy bit and finishing a novel the most tricky, opening a novel in such a way that a reader is gripped from the beginning can... Continue Reading →

What’s been inspiring me this week…

Ok, I have a confession to make. I have been feeling decidedly UNinspired this past week. Writing hasn't happened. Ideas haven't flowed. I've barely even given writing a thought, other than guiltily moving my notebook from one handbag to another! It's not even writers block, if I actually sat down to write I probably would,... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Opening Lines…

Today I thought I would post some of my favourite opening lines to novels. I think this can be really helpful for thinking about how to hook a reader which I will be talking about in my next blog post, on Wednesday. So, here goes... The story that follows is one I never intended to... Continue Reading →

Some Writing Prompts

Today I thought that I would share a few prompts in the hope that you will take a break from work and write something for ten minutes. All these prompts can be short and sweet, but they can also be used to start something longer. I also think that the poets out there can get... Continue Reading →

What’s been inspiring me this week…

I've been thinking about inspirational writing quotes this week. When I was a teenager a school friend made a poster with writing quotations and I had it on my wall for years. Whenever I was struggling with my writing I would look at those words and feel a little better. My favourite since then has... Continue Reading →

What’s been inspiring me this week…

This week I'm getting very excited because I'm going to Canada and America. I'm actually leaving tomorrow! As I've mainly be working on my novel I wasn't sure that my inspiration would be useful to any other writers and creators out there. So instead I've decided to post some of my pictures from previous holidays, including... Continue Reading →

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